Final Year Project-Total Design Solution

Creating a series of promotional kit for an alternative music store - Zoo Records

"ZOO Records" is a CD store selling alternative music.The project is to encourage Hong Kong people to try more different styles of music , not only Hong Kong Love songs or K-songs.I use a funny way to promote the idea, by creating a series of animals represent different styles of music. Also there are two evildoers represent Hong Kong Love songs and K-songs.Through the battles between two sides,I created a series of animation and posters for promotional uses. The whole promotional kits are:
Name cards and stand,
Short animation clips.


*Motion graphics/Online promotional ads

Application Used:Adobe Illustrator/After Effects/Apple Final Cut Pro

Promo 1 -"dont look down on indie power"

Promo 2 -"we dont sell inferior goods"

Promo 3 -"you cant imagine how powerful they are"

Promo 4 -"we cover all the geniuses" Full version

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